Saturday, November 21, 2009

Route 66 Mock Marathon

Summer/Fall 2009 RunnersWorld Training Season has been a blast! I am so proud of my "Like a Virgin" group training to run their first marathon as well as others who are training to run the longest race of their lives. Here are some pictures from the Route 66 Mock Marathon 11/7/09.

First, some pics from the "Like the Virgin" group, who are popping their cherries at the Route 66 Marathon this weekend.

Shawn and Ricky

Pam and Hilarie



Arena and Jamie stretching but they didn't learn that from me.

Several others from my group escaped my camera: Felix, Carmen, Mike, Christal.

Other Runner's World Members who Rocked the Mock 22/13.1

Wade and Jason set up the 9/12 mile aid station

Curtis' mug is always a treat

as is Yao's smile!

A lovely group that included recent Kansas City Marathon finishers! Wow they have lots of energy to run so far so soon!

Thirsty Guy drinks a warm beer at mile 9.

David, a prodigy, keeps adding miles on by the half dozen or more at at time, and the lovely Stacey. April ducked out of this picture.

Patty, who is truly an amazing runner and one of my biggest inspirations. Larry, who invited this guy anyway, and some TATUR estim8ur finishers. You all are fast! Maybe trying to get away from Larry.

Some more of my favorite RW folk, Rock Star Ed and Trail Zombie, who is wearing the official race shirt, along with BOMB Heidi who may even learn my name someday. I guess for now I will settle for 'pink sports bra girl'.

Vanilla Bean, A.K.A. Kim, is enjoying a banana at mile 12 while Swade and Harris discuss firing up the grill for some more hot links.

Tom meets up with his sister to run it on in.

Kay is all smiles as this is her longest run to date.

YAY! Cheryl only has 10 miles to go!

The volunteers of Mile 9/12 aid station. Jason, Lisa (me), Sally, and Wade. Sally was also at mile 6 until everyone passed by.

Back to the Start/Finish for a few more pics and celebration.

Cold beer was a popular form of rehydration

Head TATUR Brian and TATUR Dave making sure there was some water and gatorade
available for the few who replenished their fluids the correct way.

Rachel's birthday was on the day of the Mock and we just happened to get a pic before the cake was all gone. She still looks so young!

Eat a cupcake, get a fabulous birthday cupcake ring. Have to replenish those lost carbs.

Charlie finishes in style. Never a frown on this guys face when he is running.

It almost looks as if this picture was taken before the race, as Ryan looks like he hasn't run a mile.

Overall, it was a great day for this year's Mock Marathon. Whether you were a volunteer, (Sally and Terrie work the registration table) . . .

. . . ran the whole thing in toe socks (Andy swears by these) or barefoot (Dustin, ouch!) . . .

. . . even though you did not get an official time, you could do like Glowstick, A.K.A., David, and write your time on your bib. . .

. . . a good time was had by all. We missed Coach Kathy as she was in Greece running the original marathon at the time of this training run. She would have been proud of everyone.

Good luck everyone on the Route 66
Marathon or Half Marathon! Who says running cannot be fun?

A special thanks to RunnersWorld for the FREE training. I know I speak for many others out there when I say I could not do it without you guys. When we are all out there together, it makes the aches and pains tolerable and leaves me craving more.


Bobby said...

Looks like a good time. Sorry I missed it. Great post lisa.

Chrissy (Cooper) Whitten said...

Great job as a coach! Congrat's on your TATUR award btw!