Tuesday, March 10, 2009

watch what you eat at RW

hanging out at dave and buster's for michael whitten's b-day was lots of fun. a nice break from running with running friends, eating a huge meal, and then a little cross training with the jump rope game and dance game. some even played trivia but i am not smart enough for that. it proved difficult to perform well on these games after the appetizers, fries, hamburger, and then the donuts. while my dinner was well lets just say i would order something different next time, my dessert was better. the presentation was good. and the powedered donuts were excellent. the sauce was great. the darker colored donuts, however tasted burnt.

but none the less, these hungry folks will surely share any left over grub. and being the sweetheart that i am, i shared my $7 donuts. roman (right), one of my favorite people at runnersworld was there to share. i wish roman would hang out more. i just dont see him enough. being the crazy runner that he is, running marathons untrained, etc., he understands that we need lots of good food to keep us going and sometimes we get so hungry, so desperate for food, ya know like when you are out on a 50k trail race, and will eat about anything. well, this led to my favorite quote of the night.

'you could lick all the powder off that donut hole and someone at runnersworld would still eat it'. . . roman